Footfall Counting

Keep your finger on the pulse of the most important metrics in your business, which begin with foot traffic. Monitor and analyze footfall counting data to calculate conversion rates and revenue per location.

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Footfall Sensor (SS-PIR-FF)

Our footfall counting sensors are mounted above your entrances, and require no integration with in-store network or IT infrastructure. Sensors are wireless and upload data using a GSM Data Collection Server, located within 30m of the sensor(s).

The infrared technology and advanced algorithms provide detailed activity counts of your foot traffic, while you focus on what really matters in your stores: your customers.

  • 2x AAA battery powered
  • 2 Year plus battery life
  • Operates in conjunction with a DCS
    (Data Collection Server 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi)
  • 30m Range between DCS (Data Collection Server) and Sensor
  • Dimensions – 60mm(Width) x 60mm(Depth) x 120mm(Height)
  • N/A


Measure the number of visitors that enter areas of interest in your business. Receive the data in daily, weekly or monthly reports. Get meaningful insights that assist in-store planning and drive staff performance in real-time.

  • Get valuable key performance metrics via our web dashboard or in your inbox as frequently as required. Our cloud-based automated system will keep you up to date with statistics that matter.
  • Footfall counting gives you useful information to help you identify busy vs quiet times or identify trends such as peak periods.
  • Take your traffic data further: use it to calculate conversion metrics, or monitor the impact of a recent marketing drive.

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