Linear Queue Management

Allows team members to call the next customer in line using a wireless call pad, as soon as they are available to assist with our Linear Queue Management System.

The announcement appears on a display screen and optional counter indicators.

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Linear Queue Management Components

lq tv

Queue Server Lite (excl. TV Display)

Display advertising content to a captured audience while they wait for assistance. Simply load the ads onto a USB flash drive (supplied) and insert it into your Queue Server for the ads to start playing. Your content will play continuously between queue calling activity.

  • 220/240V AC powered
  • Linux Based Queue Server Lite (Full-screen image ads)
  • Completely wireless communication to pads – 868mHz frequency
  • HDMI port to connect to TV Display
  • USB flash drive (for advertising, included)
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Dimensions – 255mm(Width) x 200mm(Depth) x 320mm(Height)
  • Custom colors available on display
  • Custom announcement available (teller, counter, agent, etc.)
  • Alternative languages available (enquire for price)
queue cube

Queue and Supervisor Alert Light

The Queue & Supervisor Alert Light flashes green when calling the next customer, keeping them focused on where they’re heading & red when calling a supervisor when cashiers require assistance.

  • 220/240V AC powered
  • 868mHz wireless frequency
  • LED Color changes based on status
  • Dimensions – 150mm(Width) x 150mm(Depth) x 150mm(Height)
  • Pole or ceiling mount
queue indicator

Supervisor Call Display

Notify front line supervisors when a cashier requires their assistance. Cashiers simply press the “Supervisor Call” button on their wireless queue call pad and the display will beep and flash the counter number/s requiring assistance.

  • 220/240V AC powered
  • 868mHz wireless frequency
  • Keyhole mounting points
  • Dimensions – 360mm(Width) x 20mm(Depth) x 210mm(Height)
  • N/A
queue pad

Customer OR Supervisor Call
Customer AND Supervisor Call

Placed at the teller for customer AND/OR supervisor calling purposes.

  • 2x AAA battery powered
  • Wireless – 868mHz frequency
  • Connects to a Queue Server
  • 30m Range from Queue Server
  • Dimensions – 150mm(Width) x 20mm(Depth) x 100mm(Height)
  • N/A

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