3 Awesome Benefits of Using a Visitor Management System​

Retire your outdated visitor book and compliment your front desk with an attractive, simple and secure visitor management

You walk in through a checkpoint like a reception desk or security entry point, and they hand you a grubby visitor book. You fill in your details, take a glance at what the person above you wrote and you are on your way in the store.

Who really even looks at that book after you've walked in? Do they seriously pay someone to sit and capture all that information, or do they just throw the book away or place it in storage when it’s full? What’s the point?

In reality, it’s meant to be there so organizations can take steps to protect their staff, visitors and premises as well as restrict access to facilities. The visitor book fails dismally at this attempt.

Enter... VISITOR MANAGEMENT! This offers many benefits such as enhancing security, automated visitor arrival notification, real-time data capture, Health & Safety and other compliance factors and gives visitors a great impression and experience of your business!

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of having a Visitor Management System.

1 - Visitors are presented with a tablet at the sign-in point, how cool is that?​

“A good first impression can work wonders.” - JK Rowling

Just how good is the first impression you are making with that (ugly, folded, full of dirty smudges) visitor book at your reception desk?

This is the first chance you get to impress your visitor. To show them you mean business, you should pull out all the stops, right? Your reception is the first real interaction that a visitor will have with your company, be it a client or a potential billionaire  investor.

When you use a beautiful Visitor Management System, you’re showing each and every visitor that you take the important task of keeping them (and your employees) safe and secure very seriously. Doesn’t it just look awesome when you have a tablet kiosk welcoming your visitors and showing them that you are a modern company?

2 - Having all visitor records stored digitally takes care of compliance requirements. ​

“We all live such digital lives, there is no reason why we should not import this into our company.” - Isabelle Kocher

Who captures the data from that book? Or the better question is, does it ever get captured on a computer?

It is pricey to appoint someone to capture this data. This could even become a full time job - an asset that can be better utilized.

When using a Visitor Management System, visitor information is captured and stored securely in line with POPI Act & GDPR requirements, so you don't have to worry about an exposed visitor book being left open to nosey parkers. Data can be accessed in the case of a problem that might arise, like bogus claims of negligence or theft.

Add an NDA for visitors to sign, or any other documentation specific to your business.

You'll have an electronic record of every visitor which can be as detailed as needed - including the date and times the visit began and ended. You can see who is currently visiting your business, in real-time!

3 - Avoid problems before they happen.​

“I do think that in a digital future, consumers will increasingly turn to brands that they trust. Trust, security, and service are even more important in a digital world.” - Dan Schulman

Not only does a Visitor Management System provide security during and after, but even before, by preventing accidents before they happen.

By requiring all visitors to sign in you might deter dodgy characters from entering your business. Adding automated printed badges helps you identify visitors on your premises quickly.

When visitors fill out their details you can present them with Terms & Conditions of Entry, an NDA, or any other pertinent information as well as a clear view of all escape routes which they can view and accept or acknowledge. When they clearly know what is permitted on the premises, problems should not arise as often.

Knowing when someone has left the premises makes it simple for security to ensure the building is safe after hours.

VisitNinja - Optimizing your daily operations?​

The increasing investment in digital solutions is based on the customers and employees who expect products and services to be delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Starting with paperless processing and automation, mastering digitalization is about making your business safer and more streamlined in this modern workspace and making you a VisitNinja!

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