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Service Systems is a cutting-edge consulting and tech company that partners with forward thinking legendary retailers and other service providers.

We aim to complement and improve customer experience by developing or deploying various hardware and software tech solutions that amplify a modern approach to operations and customer engagement, ultimately growing your success.

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We work with you to create a strategy which enhances your current business processes relating to customer experience challenges within our solutions framework.

Using next-level innovative methods within our agile environment, we design effective solutions that smash the brief.

We push the boundaries of our capabilities to deliver innovative solutions across many hardware and software environments.

We ensure the perfect delivery of your project through step by step implementation processes, to deliver a world-class solution.

We are Retail Tech Ninjas!

It comes as no surprise that Brick & Mortar Retail needs to do everything in their power to keep ahead of their competitors. In spite of this, retailers are apprehensive when it comes to using powerful solutions and information that can assist with doing just that!

When it comes to eCommerce, tools like dwell time, bounce rate, conversions, customer journey, surveys, chat and so much more are considered standard tools used to optimise customer experience and increase basket spend. Why not make this the norm for Brick & Mortar Retail? Thanks to Service Systems, now you can!

We have a broad understanding of retailers’ pain-points and aim to complement and improve the retail experience by introducing various tech solutions that elevate a data-driven approach to retail management and consumer engagement, ultimately forging the roadmap to success.

For more than a decade, Service Systems has successfully assisted retailers with their in-store technology needs. From single stores to retail chains, we develop and deploy solutions that solve challenges. We are confident that we can provide you with the knowledge, technology and passion to make it happen!

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Instant Alerts & Reporting

Notify relevant staff member of service shortfalls using a smartphone chat app. Instant poor press alerts give your team members the opportunity to assist customers who have had a bad experience and implement service recovery at the moment of truth.

The responding team member can provide feedback using the smartphone chat app, keeping other team members informed about the issue and resolution. This efficient customer service excellence will ultimately improve your customer and staff experience alike, which in-turn improves your bottom line.

Grow your business and achieve great customer service. Our reports offer an easy way to measure key staff performance areas. View consolidated stats in real-time or for a custom period, showing current & historic KPI’s as well as trended hourly/daily comparisons.

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