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Service Systems is a forward-thinking consulting and tech company that collaborates with visionary retailers and service providers.

Specialising in cutting-edge, Queue Management and Customer Experience Measurement systems, optimising operations, and driving your success.

We may not be "world-leading", but neither is our price.
Buy local, buy lekker, guaranteed not to cost you the world....

We offer top-notch Queue solutions without the world-leading price tag.
Buy local, buy affordably, and experience excellence in customer service through our innovative products.


We collaborate with you to improve your existing business processes, focusing on customer experience challenges within our solutions framework.

Using next-level innovative methods within our agile environment, we design effective solutions that smash the brief.

We push the boundaries of our capabilities to deliver innovative solutions across many hardware and software environments.

We ensure the perfect delivery of your project through step by step implementation processes, to deliver a world-class solution.

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Retail-Ready Solutions

Hardware and software tech solutions that amplify a modern approach to operations and customer engagement, ultimately growing your success.

Success Stories

Read about our clients and how we provided them with various solutions to take their business to the next level.

Our solutions are proudly made in south africa

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