Over time and through many mergers and takeovers, today the SPAR Group Ltd operates 6 distribution centers and 1 Build It distribution center, supplying goods and services to over 1 000 SPAR stores across Southern Africa.

There’s something different about shopping at SPAR, that’s because they’ve created a culture of caring and community to ensure their customers have a consistently enjoyable shopping experience in a uniquely friendly and family orientated store. Nothing means more to them than their valued customers and they believe in going the extra mile to give customers the best.

The Lowdown

The customer service project came about after discussions about staff training, specifically for Customer Service. As retailers, ROI is very important to SPAR and so they focus on cost of training. Discussions included e-learning and the measurability of the success thereof. They set out to find a service provider that could create a branded customer service measurement platform, giving them insight into the customer service scores of each department or staff member. These rating would provide useful when measuring the success of customer service interventions.

Our consumer service management and rating platform offers wireless technology solutions for Customer Service Feedback and surveys, as well as Linear (Retail) Queue Management Systems. Get real-time data on customer service and satisfaction levels, staff performance, as well as general operational & analytical feedback. Our cloud-based big data and retail analytics solutions give management the ongoing ability to benchmark staff and overall service performance, as well as implement real-time in-store market research.

spar call

Call For Service

Service Call Pads were deployed strategically throughout the stores at department counters, aisle ends, high value cabinets, and store blind spots among others. This assisted with freeing up staff to continue with other day-to-day tasks and offered customers the ability to quickly and conveniently call for assistance if and when required.

spar phone

Instant Mobile Notifications

Phones with Telegram app are carried by heads of department and store managers. An alert displays on the handset, with an audible alert, to let management know that a customer requires assistance. An escalation alert appears when a customer has been waiting for an unacceptable length of time.

This solution keeps management informed in real-time, dramatically improving waiting times across the stores.

spar feedback

Customer Satisfaction

Service rating pads (1 & 5 question) are placed at strategic customer touch points throughout the stores, giving customers the ability to quickly and conveniently rate their in-store experience.

This feedback allows the business to analyze performance by department and teller in-store. 10” Touch Feedback Kiosks have been deployed allowing customers to provide VOC (Voice of the Customer) Qualitative Feedback.

alerts & reports

Statistical Reporting

Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports indicate KPI stats at a glance as well as trended information by hour, week or month, by location. Reports are automated by email and are available to view using our online dashboard.

This aggregated information gives management the information to strategically maintain exceptional service levels at all times.

spar queue

Snake Queue Management

Some stores are designed with a linear (or snake) queue model for space and service efficiencies. Service Systems Queue Management Systems incorporate digital signage with queue management, perfectly suited for this requirement.

Linear Queue & Supervisor Call

Wireless call pads are mounted at each checkout point. SPAR staff are able to call the next waiting customer, or a supervisor if they require senior assistance, thereby streamlining the customers experience.

spar tv

Queue Screen

A screen is mounted at the front of the queue, showing infotainment to a captured audience, as well as visual and audible queue call notifications.

spar queue cube

Queue Cubes

Number cube lights flash green when calling the next customer and shines green when serving. It flashes red when calling a supervisor.

This makes it easy for customers to see where to go.

Overall Improvements & Benefits

By implementing the system they have been able to get to know their customers better, and resolve complaints faster. Analytics helped them find out the shortfalls of certain staff members and implement training sessions to improve the staff capabilities.

The queue system has helped stores with linear queues to improve customer flow and have seen an increase in basket spend when running ads on the screen.

Overall customer experience has improved and staff are more aware of what customers want and need.