Digital Customer Feedback Kiosks

Ask targeted survey questions and gain important User Generated Content (UGC). Collect customer details to chat if necessary, all from a beautiful eye-catching in-store kiosk.

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We can almost guarantee that you will get heaps of feedback, all the time from your valued customers.

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You have the ability to choose your questions and answers from a variety of super cool options.

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Stay on top of service levels at all times with our real-time alerts and our guided trendy reporting.

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With ongoing feedback you can take action to delight your customers and improve your bottom-line.

Design - Made beautiful 😍

Our feedback kiosks can be table-mount or floor-standing to gain maximum attention from your customers.

  • We'll brand the kiosk to look like you made it, with your logo and everything. How awesome are we?
  • Super trendy touch screens lets customers comfortably give feedback with ease.
  • Our kiosk head is lit... We mean, it lights up to match your corporate colours. Your kiosk will be super sexy and stand out!
digital customer feedback kiosk
digital customer feedback kiosk
digital customer feedback kiosk

Listen - To Your Customers 🧏

With our unique UI, we keep the process of digital feedback interesting and easy to use, making it a pleasure for customers to provide feedback.

  • Make it your own - Align the look and feel of your survey with your corporate identity. Add your logo, customize colours, to create your very own branded survey page.
  • Choose your questions - Design your survey/s for your environments. Talk directly to your customer, and ask the right questions.
  • Get Invaluable Feedback - Include the addition of compliments, complaints or suggestions to get the detailed voice of your customer, helping you to be the best that your business can be.
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React - At The Moment Of Truth 🏃

Alerts are super important when customers are upset or raise an issues that requires your input. Having a way to allow customers to tell you how they feel is priceless; however, taking action when needed is next level.

  • How you get it - Alerts can be sent via email or Telegram IM for the team to engage.
  • Custom Alerts - Send alerts to relevant departments based on the question answered by the customer.
  • CRM Integration - We can integrate our feedback to your CRM to help get closure for your customers.
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Improve - To Maintain Loyalty 🥇

Be one with your feedback data to avoid customer churn and amplify loyalty. Did you know it is 10x harder to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one? So it is best you give your team the power to take action to turn an unhappy customer into a loyal fan of your brand.

  • Dashboard - View historical or real-time stats from a single department to your whole business at any time using our reporting dashboard
  • Results - View your stats (CSAT, PMF, CES, NPS, eNPS) and automatically generate detailed reports of your feedback options.
  • Trends - Dissect feedback by property, tags, keywords, time periods, and scores. Surface feedback trends automatically.
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Retail-Ready Solutions

Hardware and software tech solutions that amplify a modern approach to operations and customer engagement, ultimately growing your success.

feedback table mount device customer feedback kioskcustomer feedback tablet

Proudly crafted in South Africa.

Our solutions reflect the innovative spirit and dedication to excellence ingrained in our local expertise. We are committed to delivering world-class queue management solutions that showcase the ingenuity and quality synonymous with South African innovation.

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