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The convenience of our Smart Lockers is awesome for customers and staff. Take the pressure off the collection of goods, making the process frictionless and fantastic!

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Customized hardware and software smart lockers designed specifically to work in your business.

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We keep our designs simple and convenient with a user-friendly UI for both customers and staff.

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We do all the design and manufacturing of our lockers locally to offer you a better price. Local is lekker!

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Improve operations with game-changing data insights and alerts.

Our Lockers - They're so pretty! 😍

We can make our lockers to suit your environment and what you plan on putting in them. Size, color, branding, etc. we can build it!

  • No matter what your parcel sizes, we can make boxes to fit them.
  • No matter what your space is, we can make lockers to fit it.
  • Colours and branding, we can make our smart lockers fit your identity.
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Our UI - It's so easy! 👍

We keep our software as simple as possible to take the guesswork out of loading (staff) and unloading (customers) our lockers.

  • Loading UI - Makes picking an available locker box easy.
  • Notify - Nifty SMS alerts to customers telling them when their goods are ready for collection with a secure OTP (one-time-pin).
  • Other Applications - We have barcode scanning and RFID options.
  • Alerts - Staff get updates when goods need to be removed based on time.
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Reports - They're so informationy! 🧐

Have super cool stats at your fingertips, keeping your business on top of its game! Get detailed information about your locker usage and more. Some of the cool stats:

  • Total parcels for the period
  • Parcel collection rates
  • Average collection time
  • Popular collection time
  • Average locker usage
  • And much much more...
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Retail-Ready Solutions

Hardware and software tech solutions that amplify a modern approach to operations and customer engagement, ultimately growing your success.

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Proudly crafted in South Africa.

Our solutions reflect the innovative spirit and dedication to excellence ingrained in our local expertise. We are committed to delivering world-class queue management solutions that showcase the ingenuity and quality synonymous with South African innovation.

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