Glencore Boshoek Smelter

"Glencore, one of the world's largest globally diversified natural resource companies. Founded in the 1970s as a trading company, they have grown to become a major producer and marketer of commodities - employing 135,000 people worldwide.

Glencore produces and markets chrome ore, ferrochrome and vanadium, and are one of the world's largest and lowest-cost producers.
They also market manganese ore and alloys".

The Lowdown

Glencore Boshoek Smelter had a requirement to store and charge their Co2 monitors safely. Service Systems was one of the companies approached to propose a solution that could meet their specific criteria.

The solution required a quick and straightforward allocation and access of a particular locker compartment using the existing staff RFID tags.

The project was awarded to Service Systems, based on but not limited to ingenuity, flexibility and experience.

Accessing The Admin Interface 

Managerial staff can access the admin interface via the "LOGIN" button. Staff will be presented with a keypad in which they can input their unique administration PIN. Once logged in, they can view and manage lockers accordingly.

Assigning a Locker

The client can assign access cards onsite at the locker using the admin interface or remote management tool.

Accessing a Locker

Staff members present their assigned access card to the RFID reader built into the Smart Locker, automatically opening their assigned locker. Co2 monitor is removed/inserted into the powered charging station.


Statistical Reporting

Reports are generated daily, weekly, monthly or as frequently as required and sent via email or viewed on our web dashboard.

The reports provide stats on which staff loaded and unloaded the lockers, date and time-stamped.

Email alerts can be incorporated to notify management of the non-collection of devices.

Overall Improvements & Benefits

Having Co2 monitors that are safe, charged and ready for use the following day is vital for the safety of staff members working in that environment.

The Smart Locker assists with ensuring that the high level of health and safety standards required for this industry are not only met but exceeded.