Service Reviews

Get invaluable customer experience reviews using our Tellus Service Review platform. Ask targeted KPI questions and/or User Generated Content (UGC).

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Multi-Channel Delivery

We give you options. Deliver surveys through various channels such as SMS, email, your website, QR-code or a link. Choose any or all of the above to suit your customer type

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Question And Answer Sets

We give you the ability to choose your questions and partner them with a variety of answer choices such as 0-10, multiple-choice, 5-stars, and smileys, to keep things interesting!

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Alerts & Reporting

Stay on top of service levels with our real-time email or instant alert notifications. Manage and improve service levels with our attractive reporting interfaces.

Customer First Strategy

Maximize loyalty by becoming truly customer-led. Uncover key insights from customers that take the time to provide feedback and adjust your future strategic direction accordingly. Tellus allows you to target the appropriate audience from within your existing customer base to get feedback on experiences that matter most to them.

Listen - To Your Customers

With our unique Tellus UI, we keep the process of customer reviewing engaging and straightforward, making it frictionless for customers to provide feedback.

  • Customize Interface - Align the look and feel of your survey with your corporate identity. Add your logo, customize colours, to create your branded survey page.
  • Personalized Questions - Design your survey for each environment. Address the survey directly to your customer, and ask about specific products or interactions.
  • Seamless - Our surveys are optimized to work on desktop, mobile, and across channels (email, web, SMS).
  • Get Invaluable Feedback - Include the addition of compliments, complaints or suggestions to get the detailed voice of your customer, helping you improve your business.
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React - At The Moment Of Truth

Alerts are critical when customers show disappointment or raise a concern that requires intervention. Having a platform that allows customers to voice their opinion is imperative; however, acting on this feedback effectively makes the process invaluable.

  • Delivery Methods - Alerts can be delivered via email or Telegram instant messaging for a swift resolution.
  • Customized Alerts - The alert platform is built with complexity in mind, allowing for individual alerts to be sent to relevant departments based on the question set and answer type selected by the customer.
  • CRM Integration - We cater for CRM integration to facilitate the closure of tickets raised by customers that require a level of intervention or support.

Phone with Telus feedback

Improve - To Maintain Loyalty

Work with your feedback metrics to minimize customer churn and enhance loyalty. It is well known that it is 10x harder to gain a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. Give your team the tools to measure customer sentiment and the ability to take action. Turn unhappy customers into loyal fans and advocates of your brand.

  • Real-time Dashboard - View historical or real-time feedback at any time using the Tellus reporting dashboards from a single department to the whole organization.
  • Feedback Results - Visualize your statistics (CSAT, PMF, CES, NPS, eNPS) and automatically generate detailed reports of your feedback options.
  • Survey Performance Metrics - Have a view of your survey delivery, response rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribes for all your survey campaigns.
  • Trended Stats - Dissect feedback by property, tags, keywords, time periods, and scores. Surface feedback trends automatically.
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Our solutions reflect the innovative spirit and dedication to excellence ingrained in our local expertise. We are committed to delivering world-class queue management solutions that showcase the ingenuity and quality synonymous with South African innovation.

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