Call for Assistance

Give your customers the ability to let your staff or management know when they need some help at key touch-points in your store.

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Free up staff to get on with other duties instead of standing around waiting for customers to ask for help.

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When customers need assistance they can simply look for your call pad to get a fast response from your staff.

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A happy assisted customer is bound to buy more goods, which is great for the bottom-line.

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Keep on top of your staff's response time with our awesome service call reports.

Call - Where they need help most! 🛎️

Call pads can be cleverly placed at important locations in your store. Some examples are:

  • Department counters
  • Product advice areas
  • High-value cabinets
  • Store dead-spots
  • Change rooms
  • Or any other useful locations
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Notify - Keep staff in the loop! 🔔

Keep store teams active and on their toes at all times, assisting customers in need with our fantastic notification options.

  • Team chat and notification app on staff smartphones.
  • Call light and buzzer indicator in the vicinity of a call pad.
  • Call pad indicator device located at an info counter or similar.
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Analyze - Eyes on the prize!

Have super cool stats at your fingertips, keeping your business on top of its game! Have the ability to make calculated decisions on the fly and tweak them to keep your visitors stoked. #winning

  • Real-time reports keep you as informed as Captain Kirk.
  • View response times from anywhere in the world, even while taking a 💩
  • Lights, camera, action! Now you have the info to be the director of your success.
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Retail-Ready Solutions

Hardware and software tech solutions that amplify a modern approach to operations and customer engagement, ultimately growing your success.

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Proudly crafted in South Africa.

Our solutions reflect the innovative spirit and dedication to excellence ingrained in our local expertise. We are committed to delivering world-class queue management solutions that showcase the ingenuity and quality synonymous with South African innovation.

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