Unifi is one of Zambia’s top financial institutions and has been making people’s lives easy since 2006 with fast, simple financial solutions. Over the years they have grown to become a leading financial institution in Zambia with over 24 branches across the country.

They pride themselves on offering outstanding customer service at their branches and making every client that walks through their doors feel welcome and respected.

The Lowdown

Two key factors in our success with Unify are our highly competitive pricing and the modular and the scale-able nature of our Queue Management Systems. On-boarding new branches for this rapidly growing business is a seamless process, supported by their highly capable and super-skilled IT team.

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Virtual Queue Management

Designed to create order in a their service centers, by providing customers with numbered tickets that are called audibly and visually, in sequence, by the next available agent, to assist with their specific type of inquiry.

The addition of a Processing queue lets staff park a customer in this queue while their application is processed. From start to finish, Service Systems is involved in all of their in-branch processes, offering detailed stats along the way.


Detailed Statistical Reporting

Informative reports show KPI stats at a glance as well as trended information by date, period, and location.

Reports are generated on a daily, weekly, monthly or as frequently as required and sent via email or viewed on our web dashboard. This aggregated information gives management valuable information to strategically maintain exceptional service levels at all times.

Head office can now see the analytics for each store which transformed by the manner in which staff scheduling and engagement with management takes place.


Real-Time Notifications

Maximum and acceptable waiting time thresholds are set for all branches. Should customers in any branches breach the maximum waiting time, an alert is sent to the branch manager and relevant area and regional managers notifying them of the issue, giving them the opportunity to act quickly and manage the situation.

Overall Improvements & Benefits

Uniformity across all branches offers customers a seamless experience, no matter where they are.

Advertising content keeps waiting customers informed and entertained, while management gains key insights into waiting times and staff performance.

The Operations Team uses this information for resource planning, and the group has seen numerous benefits to using the queue system as an effective marketing tool.