Arwyp Medical Centre

Arwyp has 33 years of experience in offering extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients and providing needed medical care through their emergency department.

Arwyp’s mission is to deliver a comprehensive range of superior quality health care and wellness services and to be a premier reference centre for quality health care and wellness in South Africa.

Core values are continuous improvement, attention to detail, and outstanding customer care.

The Lowdown

Overall Improvements

Arwyp required a way to manage the queue in their reception area. Service Systems was able to offer a customised solution that suited their needs and their budget, helping them monitor the queues and offering them insight into patients’ experience at their reception and pharmacy areas.

Arwyp management now has the power to better plan staff schedules. Patients are now more aware of their queue status, this improved the patients’ satisfaction rates. Staff can keep track of which patients to help first.

arwyp kiosk

Virtual Queue Management

Upon arrival, patients are entered into the relevant queue based on the reason for their visit. A ticket is issued to the patient with a number identifier for ease of reference, this number is also displayed on a screen in the waiting area for convenience. Patients are called audibly and visually, in the order of their queue joining time, by the next available relevant staff member.

Staff manages the queue process using our Queue Management Softpad running on their existing PC’s. Staff can add a personal touch by greeting the patient by name. The system will provide additional information that the patient provided during the ticket issue process.


Real-Time Notifications

Arwyp’s management specifically requested live alerts for possible extensive waiting times their patients may experience. Allowing for a swift resolution.


Detailed Statistical Reporting

Informative reports show KPI stats at a glance as well as trended information by date, period, and location.

Reports are generated on a daily, weekly, monthly or as frequently as required and sent via email or viewed on our web dashboard. This aggregated information gives management valuable information to strategically maintain exceptional performance levels at all times.

Our solutions are proudly made in south africa

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