Brick and Mortar Retail – Saved by technology!

Customer engagement is now often considered a business need rather than a nice-to-have. Let's look at the topic of customer engagement and talk about how creating meaningful interactions with your audience may help you stand out from the crowd.

The retail industry was unwillingly dragged into a period of rapid change when the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing. The negative predictions that seemed to plague brick and mortar retail before the pandemic was accelerated like the proverbial last nail in the coffin!

Consumers flocked online, benefitting the e-commerce-savvy retailers while forcing all others to scramble to catch up.

Fast forward to 2022, against all odds and significant hardship for many retailers, a new normal has begun to emerge.

Ecommerce growth is normalising as the desire for Omnichannel takes center stage. Consumers will be demanding convenient, hybrid shopping experiences across in-person and online channels.

This is fantastic news for brick and mortar, but far from the end of the story…..

Ecommerce allows retailers to manage and monitor their customers’ experience, having access to converting traffic, bounce rates, purchasing behavior, inventory, and satisfaction among other invaluable metrics.

With the shift to Omnichannel, it is imperative that brick and mortar retailers implement technology solutions that produce similar results to manage customer conversion and experiences in-store.

Technology alone will by no means be the silver bullet to ultimate success, retailers will need to

The past few years serve as a sobering reminder of the essential nature of constantly adapting in the retail space. If you’re not trying new things and embracing change, you’re losing ground.

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