The Human Touch In CX​

We live in an age where business technology is growing at a rapid pace. But no technology can replace the feeling of being appreciated as a customer like an interaction with a human being. Well, at least not yet in CX.

“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.” - Ken Blanchard.

Why do we still need it?​

As much as technology and automation and artificial intelligence improve every day, most customers still expect the human touch. Customers can request assistance and give poor feedback from touch points throughout a store, but they mean nothing without someone showing up to help the customer out.

I recently set out to get my garden irrigation setup and headed out to my local Builders Warehouse. I stood in that aisle, overwhelmed – like a kid in a candy store. Where do I even begin?

QR codes everywhere to help you make a decision, but this did not help me at all. The kiosk at the end of the aisle helps you build your own system, but even that is confusing. I work in an IT industry, and it’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing with the technology.

Right above the kiosk is a conveniently placed Call for Service button. I press it and out of nowhere a Garden Specialist appears. “How may I help you?” he asked. I explain my whole setup to him and he talks me through it all. The thingamajigs and that other whatnot, as I called it before I knew what I needed, turned into an informed decision. I now have a perfect and simple irrigation system that was a breeze to install.

Technology must be seen as a way for staff and management to give better service and have their finger on the pulse of the store, and not as an automatic fix-all. A valuable and specialized tool is nothing without the person using it to its full potential.

A few reasons why a human touch is still important to CX:

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