10 Reasons Why Smart Lockers Could Change The Way We Receive Packages

1.Enhance Security / Reduced Theft

Parcel theft is spreading at an alarming rate but may reduce with smart lockers. Smart lockers provide a complete chain of custody tracking from when a package is shipped until stored in the smart locker. The recipient can access their package with a unique One-Time-Pin(OTP) sent to them when the item is placed inside the locker.


Smart Lockers are simple to use and accessible to anyone with the use of interactive touch screens. The recipient can also use a touch-free option using a QR Code to open the locker.

3.Health and Safety

In these times of social distancing, Smart Lockers are clean and help keep people healthy. There will be no need for unnecessary handshakes, crowded rooms, or long lines. Users can even use their mobile phones to open their lockers hands-free and easily retrieve their packages whenever convenient.

4.Return on Investment

Many residential estates, university accommodation, etc., have chosen to provide a smart locker solution to their residents on a subscription basis. Users can choose to use the community smart lockers by paying a fee, allowing you to recoup your investment while also providing your residents with a secure and efficient method of shopping online and managing their mail.

5.Keep Updated

Smart lockers are excellent at informing customers about the status of their packages. The lockers will send you an alert via text or email when a package is ready for pickup. Administrators can also send automated messages to notify recipients that a package is on its way to them.


One of the main reasons people like smart lockers is that they can accept packages from various couriers and retailers. There is no need for a multitude of different systems to take a diverse range of couriers.

7.24/7 Access

There is no need to rush to get home when out and about to collect your package from the courier or hope it'll still be safe when left with someone else. Smart lockers keep your items safe and secure until you can retrieve them.

8.Modular and fully customizable

Everyone has different requirements. Some use smart lockers to receive packages at a campus or residential community, while others use them to place online grocery orders. Lockers are available in a variety of sizes to suit any need. To further enhance your brand, custom graphics can be applied to the lockers.


Smart lockers can have a long-term positive impact on the environment. Smart lockers, in particular, help to reduce the emissions produced by couriers. Deliver to a single, smart locker system rather than driving to each address individually, significantly saving fuel.


Get real-time information about your logistics operations. You can get a clear picture of how many packages are being delivered to specific locations over time by using real-time updates. With live updates, you can be sure that you're always up to date on what's going on.

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