Buy digital in-queue ads on demand.

An opportunity to get your brand focused attention on retailers' queue displays, captivating customers while they wait to be notified of which till to go to. The moment where digital ads meet transactional captured audience!

Get ready to make queues entertaining and steal the spotlight with the Nxtads platform.

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Queue screen with ads on it.

The Power of Captured Audience

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Targeted Advertising

Target specific suburbs effectively. Tailor your ads to resonate with your audience, ensuring higher engagement and improved results.

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Boost Brand Awareness

Make the most of this captive audience by reinforcing your brand message. Showcase your brand and leave a lasting impression.

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Risk Free

We won't tie you down with lengthy commitments, contracts, or spending obligations. Feel free to start, pause, or stop campaigns as you please.

A budget that
won’t break the bank

Starting from as little as R35, You choose your budget. You make the call!
You can spend as much - or as little - as you'd like.

Step 1

Pick Your Store

Hand-select the screens where you want your ads to be displayed.
You can target specific stores or create regional campaigns to maximize your advertising impact.

Step 2

Schedule Your Ads

Decide on the specific dates and times when you want your ads to run on the queue screens.
Our real-time scheduling tool ensures that your ads display at the right moments, engaging your waiting audience effectively.

Step 3

Upload your ad

Our user-friendly web interface ensures a quick and easy upload process, without the need for any additional design work on our platform. Simply upload your ad and hit next.

Step 4

Go Live!

With your ads scheduled and audience selected, it's time to go live! Showcase your uploaded ads on the selected queue screens.

From idea to ad, quick-sticks!

Simply choose the store you desire, adjust your campaign settings, upload your creative content, and BOOM – you're live!

Audience Metrics

Get ready to uncover the insights that shape audience activity with our data analytics. From footfall patterns to peak hours, we're here to provide you with a backstage pass to our show.

Get valuable insights:

  • Total average hourly audience
  • Average busiest day of the week
  • Average hourly audience breakdown

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