Baptcare is a faith-based not-for-profit organization that provides residential and community care for older people, support to children, families and people living with a disability, financially disadvantaged people and people seeking asylum.

Their experience has been built over a 75-year history of providing care and support to vulnerable and sometimes marginalized people in their community.

Today their broad range of services extend across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia with care and support being provided by over 2,000 skilled and professional staff at over 40 locations.

The Lowdown

Baptcare required a low cost, unobtrusive, user-friendly method of getting constant feedback from residents, on the quality of food at their facilities dining areas. Service Systems feedback devices were the best fit for their requirements at a favorable price point that made the decision easy.

Overall Improvements

Management finds the constant quantitative poling highly effective and imperative for their day to day operation. Residents feel their feedback is being recognized and action is being taken when required.

baptcare kiosk

Survey Kiosk

The interchangeable question kiosk option allows for key performance-based questions in a simple and easy format, providing a convenient and unobtrusive way for residents to provide their valuable feedback

alerts & reports

Detailed Statistical Reporting​

Each Baptcare branch reviews stats from every dining experience to make sure they are maintaining quality standards. Should the results dip beyond a benchmark threshold, management acts quickly to rectify the issue before monitoring the residents’ experience once again.

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