Established in 1975, Feedem is a large contract catering company in South Africa which manages in excess of 300 sites country-wide with their head office in Johannesburg, and regional offices in Cape Town, Durban, George, Worcester, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, Kimberley and Bloemfontein, and employs more than 4 000 people ranging from dieticians, chefs and human capital specialists to hygiene experts.

The Lowdown

Owing to the prohibitive cost and complicated nature of competitor systems, we were able to offer a customized solution that suited their needs, improved their customer service and gave them valuable insight into their customer experience.

feedem 5q

5 Questions Survey Pads

Survey pads pose key performance-based questions in a simple and easy format with our Customer Feedback Pads, providing a convenient and unobtrusive way for their visitors to give insight into their experience.

tellus phone

Tellus Service Reviews

The Tellus Service Reviews platform offers customers a rich channel through which they can reach management on topics such as compliments, complaint or suggestions, as well as our unique Out of Stock feature which lets customers request notification when an item is available in-store.

alerts & reports

Real-Time Notifications

Notify relevant staff member of service shortfalls using a smartphone chat app. Instant poor press alerts give your team members the opportunity to assist customers who have had a bad experience and implement service recovery at the moment of truth.


Detailed Statistical Reporting

Informative reports show KPI stats at a glance as well as trended information by date, period, and location.

Reports are generated on a daily, weekly, monthly or as frequently as required and sent via email or viewed on our web dashboard. This aggregated information gives management valuable information to strategically maintain exceptional service levels at all times.

Head office can now see the analytics for each store which transformed by the manner in which staff scheduling and engagement with management takes place.

Overall Improvements & Benefits

Management has taken an active role in monitoring satisfaction levels across the group, and focusing customer service recovery efforts where they are needed most. Customer satisfaction metrics are important to their continued relationships with their partners, who use the information as validation that Feedem remains their partner of choice.