Analyze - Eyes on the prize!

Have super cool stats at your fingertips, keeping your business on top of its game! Have the ability to make calculated decisions on the fly and tweak them to keep your visitors stoked. #winning

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Real-time queue reports keep you as informed as Captain Kirk.

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View response times from anywhere in the world, even while taking a 💩

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Lights, camera, action! Now you have the info to be the director of your success.

Alerts - Take Action 🎬

Get alerted when visitors are left waiting for too long so you can take action and get things back on track.

  • Our email and/or instant message alerts can be sent when your wait time goals are not met.
  • Alerts can be sent to as many staff/management as needed.
  • Alerts are important to keep you on top of your visitor experience at all times.
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Focus - Devil's in the Detail! 😈

Our smart reporting helps you understand where you are dropping the ball or shining bright like a diamond. See how you are performing and pinpoint possible problem areas or opportunities, and make a move. You cannot fix what you do not measure!

  • Live Stats - View live or old stats at any time using our reporting dashboard, from a simple department to all your locations.
  • Your Results - View your stats (average wait, number of visitors, longest wait, detail by staff, etc.) and effortlessly generate detailed reports for your queues.
  • Trended Stats - Dig deep into your long term periods to look out for trends in the data to see what you're doing right or wrong over time.
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Proudly crafted in South Africa.

Our solutions reflect the innovative spirit and dedication to excellence ingrained in our local expertise. We are committed to delivering world-class queue management solutions that showcase the ingenuity and quality synonymous with South African innovation.

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