Calling - It's Go Time!

Give staff the tools to manage the queues and keep things moving! Armed with various options, from a simple button press to a super cool interface that uses visitor data to make each visitor feel important and special.


Our solutions let your staff control the world... NOT! But it will allow them to do a whole bunch of nifty things to manage your visitors.

With great power comes great responsibility!
This is just what your staff need to improve the visitor experience.

If visitors are happy, generally so are staff. Happy staff, happy laff...

Call - We've got Options! 📢

Our queue management devices come in a few shapes and sizes to handle simple to more hardcore environments.

  • Our wireless, simple, place it anywhere pads are for the more straightforward queue systems or environments that require minimal IT disruption.
  • Our Q-UI gives staff a sixth sense; "We see waiting people."
    Having waiting room details at a glance is fantastic!

See - Knowledge is Power! 💪

Our Q-UI gives your staff visuals on your waiting visitors, who are on duty at the time, and other must-have information, like average wait time, busiest queues, and much more.

  • Staff have all the visitor info that was captured kiosk side to personalize and fast-track their time together.
  • Staff have the power to add more info to the visitors' journey to make the reporting more valuable.
  • Q-UI does benchmark for you. Know who are your A-players, and who needs some "encouragement"...

Retail-Ready Solutions

Hardware and software tech solutions that amplify a modern approach to operations and customer engagement, ultimately growing your success.

Our solutions are proudly made in south africa

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